Yoga is cross-training for life.

Yoga transforms because of the important, meaningful, challenging, and profound ways it takes you inward. It is a tool to help you feel and function more optimally.

Yoga provides a safe space to show up as is and explore the parts and pieces of yourself that you have hidden for safekeeping for far too long. The practice allows you to feel again, tune in and get to know yourself and how amazing you truly are. It strengthens you by opening your heart, inner vision and hearing. You develops your true power by compassionately teaching acceptance.

private yoga online private yoga thai yoga Eureka Springs, ArkansasWhy private yoga?

  • You don’t have time for a class or simply do not feel comfortable going to a class
  • You want immediate, personalized results
  • You have specific health needs
  • Your posture has you looking at the ground more than straight ahead
  • You need more clarity, focus, energy, balance, strength, flexibility, and peace in your life.

As an entrepreneur and former NGO employee, I understand how precious time is when you are working towards a  goal. I know how easy it is to stop taking care of yourself and the impact of that. After 17 years of teaching yoga, I also know the impact of yoga to bring clarity, energy, and focus, create peace and a support a healthy lifestyle. It also enriches relationships- including the one with ourselves.

I offer private yoga for people who are too busy to get to class or too uncomfortable going to class. What I really offer, is mentorship for for people like yourself who want to feel more relaxed, have deeper connections with the people in their lives and experience better health. I help people feel how they truly want to feel.

Yoga is personal. You want to make sure you click with your instructor, that they inspire and motivate you, and that you can trust them. Book a discovery session with me. We’ll talk about your goals, get to know each other and we’ll decide if we are a good fit.

discovery yoga session

More about the sessions

Sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes and come with inspired action homework to help you stay focused and productive with your practice between sessions.

Cost is $50-65/session. Private yoga sessions are done in your office or home or my training studio (Eureka Springs). Sessions can be purchased in packages of 3, 6, and 12 which offers a discounted rate.

Thai Yoga: personalized stretching. Perfect post-workout recovery or a hard day playing. 1 hour $60 Contact for more information.

private yoga sessions

Call 602-570-8758 or email to discuss packages and to schedule your session.

Can’t meet in person?

Join me online for a video call. I use Zoom. The session can be recorded and downloaded for you to practice with repeatedly. You also receive a pdf of the practice.

30 minute sessions are $50 and 60 minute sessions are $80.

Online Sessions/Packages

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Current class schedule


Eureka Springs bridal yoga

Yoga Party! Bring yoga to your next function- bridal parties, bachelorette parties, birthdays, or girls night out. Email for more information

yoga workshopsI offer a variety of workshops. The most popular include:

  • Living Yoga
  • Intro to Chakras
  • Alignment Principles (hips/low back, shoulders, heart openers)

Let’s talk about how to add value to your students, friends, employees by hosting a workshop. Email


reikiReiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

I offer in-person and distance reiki for individuals and groups. Also available is a blend of healing modalities that incorporated channeling, crystals, and chakra clearing.

Email for more information and rates.


“My wife had decided that she wanted to start yoga, as a good husband I fully supported her decision, not realizing that when she meant her she was really talking about us, Yippee!! So in comes Wendy, poor thing, not realizing that I had been roped into this, she started the class. Of course I had 100% gone in there with the idea of this being a one time thing…. 8 months later i am still thinking it will be a one time thing. Just kidding. Wendy has not only changed my thought process in regards to yoga but has been very kind a patient with me. Her knowledge and expertise are fantastic each weekly program consists of achieving new goals while continually perfecting old ones. Without knowing it I have seem tremendous and significant physical and mental change. I could not think of a better person than Wendy to help you in whatever goals you have when it comes to Yoga and even life. I look forward to continuing our work relationship and blossoming friendship.” Will H.

“Wendy is fantastic! She was on time, kind, and sincerely cared about making sure our class was customized to suit our specific needs. We were so happy with everything that we decided to sign up for classes every week.” Kylie H.

Wendy is a highly skilled instructor with extensive training and years of experience and I feel lucky to have found her for private yoga instruction. Her training and skills extend beyond yoga and she provides insights on healing modalities and inspires confidence to have faith in her approach and methods. She is a delight to work with, always on time and flexible in terms of scheduling and always has energy and a positive vibe. I am more motivated to practice and advance given the opportunity to work with her, and she regularly tailors our sessions based on how I am feeling and whether I am suffering from any injury etc. She clearly gives thought and preparation for each session and constantly mixes up our classes. I have gotten in better shape without a doubt thanks to Wendy and am more mindful of my breathing and eating and life in general.  Steve F.

Wendy is a highly qualified trainer with extensive experience and does a great job of varying our sessions and adjusting them to fit my needs/desires. I have improved my flexibility and balance and strengthened my core. Wendy is always very positive, very easy to worth with, motivates me and is great about working around my schedule. Yun hee Oh

Our private yoga class was exactly what I was looking for, she was everything I expected and more. She made us both feel very comfortable, even though my boyfriend was so not into yoga! She went slow, she was super knowledgeable, and at the end of our class we were both super relaxed. I would highly recommend this absolute professional.  Johanna C.

Wendy is very knowledgeable in yoga. I have many injuries from other activities and she always finds alternatives for me bot to cause more pain or damage. It is not just yoga with her, it’s a soul healing session. Alba R.

Wendy’s yoga sessions are always inspiring and with her guidance, challenging. I have always felt completely supported and safe. Wendy’s sessions aren’t just physical–there is a lovely spiritual element that is often missing from other classes I have taken. Her sessions are always different and often reflect the rhythms of nature and the changes of the season. Wendy has a talent for empowering her students. I highly recommend her as a yoga teacher! Kellie M.