Who are you?

This is an exert from “Just Tell Me What To Do! A Guide to the True You”.

Within you resides all the cosmos, all the answers, and the seeds of all beings interconnected as One. Sohum, a Sanskrit (the oldest existing language) word, describes this well. Sohum means, I am
that; co-creation and destruction, light and darkness, war and peace, love and fear.” Who is this great I Am within? As sohum you are the sun: a masculine energy providing warmth, energy, light and life. You are the moon: a feminine energy that provides guidance through the darkness, rest, reprieve, and healing. You are the elements. Fire; burning anything that does not serve or harmonize in the energy of Love on the sacred journey. Water; fluid, soft, and flexible, capable of transforming the most rigid
surfaces, and washing pure the dark spots of the soul. Earth; the sacred ground, a place for seeds to be sown and fruit to be reaped (both shadow and light). While solid, the earth is constantly changing and shifting, expanding and contracting. Air; the breath, invisible, yet everywhere, and always shared. You have the ability to stand still and become the collective consciousness, aware of what is happening all around you, all at once simply by breathing in and out consciously. I know, deep, huh? Just take it in. Maybe you get it now, or maybe the knowledge is a seed being planted somewhere in
the recesses of your mind to grow later into a full understanding. It is all energy!

Sohum makes you an instrument of truth, healing, and growth. You are the eyes through which the Divine sees all life and all realms of possibility. Even if you do not believe in “God,” you have the power to experience this life in its fullest, choosing moment by moment to see the best or worst in every person, place or thing you encounter. Your choice will bring great pleasure or discomfort, so choose wisely. You are a sacred witness, both to yourself and others, honoring the experiences that shape the opportunity to  Love and transcend. You are a reminder of Home, the sacred space that serves as refuge, the place to fully become authentic regardless of the inequities that mire your mind. Sohum calls you to be Justice, not judgment. This is about being clear, impartial, favoring or hating no one, taking in the facts, tapping into your Divine, infinite Knowing and seeking a way to heal the hurt. Sohum makes you everything, all at once, limitless and expansive. That is powerful. Most people are afraid of being powerful and
using the unconditional energy of Love in this life.

Your duty is to unconditionally love those people you come in contact with every day, from the briefest moment to the deepest relationship. This goes for the people you like or love, as well as those who challenge you, maybe especially for those who challenge you. The most important person you are called to love is YOU, all of you, especially the parts of you that you have judged, hated, been frustrated with, tried so hard to change. To fulfill your duty, you must examine what makes you feel good. What is the energy behind what makes you feel good? Practice reciprocity of that delight and energy. Give the energy back to the world, to the people around you, and most importantly to yourself tenfold: a smile, a compliment, saying something positive, a kind and unselfish act. This is what I Am is all about; reciprocity of the energy of Love, baby!

All life is in you and you are in all life. That means your soul wants to exchange the highest vibration of energy, the energy of Love, with others. The soul must dance and it will persist until you are broken open in the middle of a battle or in the arms of a lover. So you must practice justice, compassion, and forgiveness not only for others, but also for yourself. You create and destroy. You fear and love. You are light and darkness. All from one moment to the next because you are that I Am. You become a sensuous lover of life because you are vulnerable enough to feel and be. You are intuitive so choose to listen closely to your inner voice. Doing so allows you to see and attract the energy of Love in others. As an only child, I  knew the truth behind how fun it could be to play alone with only my imagination keeping me company. It was always more fun to play with others, and their imaginations contributed to the party.
Energetically playing together now in the flow of Love is beyond words. It is simply fun.

Embracing sohum is the ultimate sovereignty. You can be autonomous because you know your self and your power. No one can control you because you know the difference between the soul
and the rigid ego. You can see other people’s limitations and illusions and you no longer have to play in that realm. There can be no controlling influence over you because you know that heaven and hell are of your own making and ultimately you choose where you reside. You have conviction. The only supreme power over you is the shared Divine, infinite energy of Love that you know is within all, even if others do not acknowledge or recognize it within themselves.

To be the highest version of yourself, aim for balance in your thoughts, words and actions: strength with gentleness, action with stillness, integrity with forgiveness, light with shadow, and purity with experience. The average person will believe this is crazy. You, however, are not average. Their judgment no longer matters. Every time you fall out of balance, the lesson will cross your path again until you finally temper it through the energy of Love, in order to create balance. Repeating that lesson with your present knowledge will be exponentially heavier and more difficult each time. Is that something you need or desire to do?