Kristi Soomer is the Founder/CEO of Encircled Inc., a line of versatile, stylish and eco-friendly travel apparel proudly sewn in Canada. After over 11 years of retail, consulting, and consumer packaged goods industry experience, Kristi left the corporate world with a passion to develop versatile clothing that will enable women to travel lighter and do  more with less. Since founding Encircled in late 2012, Encircled has been featured in numerous publications including the Globe & Mail, The Kit.ca, Travel Fashion Girl.com, Her Packing List and US Today Online, and grown to support several employees and local production.
Kristi’s passion for traveling, and respect for the environment and fair trade production, fuels Encircled’s core values. A yogi, surfer and avid globe-trotter, Kristi loves traveling and experiencing new cultures.
Encircled is:
– A line of versatile + stylish travel clothing for women, founded in 2012 while working full-time (and flying 5 days a week) as a management consultant
– Uses exclusively sustainable + eco-conscious blends of fabric, to produce multiway designs, all ethically sewn in Toronto
– is based on a strong desire to help women travel lighter + go further by helping them do more with less, and imparting the knowledge and confidence needed to explore the world
– Retailed almost exclusively online
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