Shari Spironhi is an educator, counselor, and author of Why We Are Wired To Worry and How Neurosciences Will Help You Fix It. The book is inspired by her own journey.

Sharie is a living example of neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change and heal) as exemplified in her  compelling story of living with Manic Depression since a child and having it disappear literally over night.

For the last 19 years Sharie has explored every new discovery in neuroscience to help explain why our brains are obsessed with worrying, how minor set-backs and trivial problems lead to explosive reactions and how we can all stop these patterns of behavior when we understand the brain’s programming.
You can find Sharie at:
We discussed:
  • bi-polar disorder
  • the tipping point for her recovery
  • the cause of most depression
  • how can people find their purpose
  • why we get stuck in our ways despite wanting change
  • what keeps a person triggering the panic button in their brain?
  • the brain chemicals that drive all behavior
  • and several other really insightful, more personal topics

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