Have you ever shut down when you tried to express your needs? Or beat yourself up after not expressing your needs? This episode is for you.

Shulamit Ber Levtov is passionate about supporting yoginis who want to bridge the gap between practice and life, so that their life choices reflect their deepest values.

Since 2006, Shulamit has been providing personal growth, psychotherapy and counselling services, with thousands of hours of 1-to-1 work with hundreds of clients in private practice, business settings, employee assistance programs and publicly-funded agencies.

As a teacher, she has facilitated classes and trainings in Nonviolent Communication, Focusing and yoga since 2000, and is certified to teach all three. She has taught locally and internationally, online and in person, in corporate settings, yoga studios, for community groups and in privately-organized workshops. Shulamit holds a Masters in Counseling and Spirituality, and is a Registered Social Worker.

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