Dr. Liz Sutherland is a naturopathic physician. After graduating from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR, she studied the practitioner-patient relationship, transformative health outcomes, and complex whole systems of medicine through two NIH-funded post-doctoral research fellowships with the Kaiser Permanente Northwest Center for Health Research and the Dept. of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine.She has taught on the topic of practicing medicine as a sacred act to both medical doctors and naturopathic medical students, and has published several articles in this field. She sees patients in private practice and teaches workshops on the energetics of self-care to healthcare providers of every kind. Liz joins us today to discuss a topic that may seem a little foreign, but I think it is so fascinating and important to know these conversations are happening so that we, as patients, can help integrate a shift in health care.

We discussed “Starting from Wholeness: Giving from overflow in the practitioner-patient relationship”:

What is wholeness

The subtle trap of separation

Self care as spiritual practice

The implications of self-care for health and healing

Some of the questions or insights you wish more patients brought to you that would direct whole health vs symptom treatment

And a some really thought-full gems you won’t want to miss.

To connect with Liz, you can email her at drlsutherland@hotmail.com