Rev Corbie is a psychic medium, a channel, a Certified Professional Tarot Reader and an inspirational teacher and speaker who has been doing readings for almost 40 years. She has clients worldwide and spends 45 weekends a year on the road seeing clients! 

She’s a “straight no chaser” reader- meaning she shares  your opportunities and how to grab them; your challenges and how to deal with them,and  your toolbox in order go rock and roll! She specialties are “drill-down” tarot and divination readings (details, not one card fluff) and past life retrieval. And she is a three time “cancer dancer” (breast cancer) which taught her how to be a co-conspirator rather than a patient.
We talk about:
How she became a medium
Her greatest challenges into stepping most fully into her gifts
Soul Plan’s- What are they and how can we remember our own
How has this knowing her Soul Plan changed her life
Victim Mentality
What keeps most healers or (though I hate this term) Lightworkers from fully embracing and monetizing their gifts or self-sabotaging their own success
The lesson behind her cancer
Some steps you can take to begin whole-heartedly shifting into a new belief
Her greatest teachers
And, of course, what whole being means to her.

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