wbz (1)Olly Richards started learning languages at age 19 because he wanted to converse with his French and Italian co-workers. He figured out how to start speaking foreign  languages quickly. He now speaks 8 languages and teaches people how to learn new languages. His business is I will Teach You A Language which includes a podcast of the same name. You can find more, including his blog at:   http://www.iwillteachyoualanguage.com/
We discussed:

  • Typical blocks to learning a new language?
  • The most motivating factor for continuing language learning
  • Finding a buddy
  • Favorite languages
  • The most surprising gift to learning new languages
  • Starting a language learning business
  • Greatest obstacles
  • Daily rituals

The two links Olly mentioned were: italki.com and conversationexchange.com


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