Loren Manheimer was an IT business analyst, working a job she had no passion for and waking-up so miserable every day she could barely get out of bed. Stressed out, depressed and exhausted-not to mention obese and chronically sick – she had no idea how she had gotten to that place in her life, and what’s worse, had no clue how to even start to fix it all. In a moment of grace, she divorced, was laid off from the IT job and made a complete lifestyle change. She graduated from the Institute For Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and started A Joyful Healthy Life. You can learn more at: www.ajoyfulhealthylife.com

Loren shared with me before the show something I wanted to share: 

“People these days, and women in particular, have been conditioned to believe that denial and deprivation is somehow admirable, that self-sacrifice is necessary and that putting themselves last is the right way to live. We’ve been taught that we should put everyone else first and that putting ourselves first is selfish. I don’t believe that.” 
Her suggestion for transformations is:
  • put ourselves first and love ourselves the most.
  • the only way to be healthy and happy is through loving ourselves.
  • we cannot truly be good to everyone else if we’re not good to ourselves.
  • order to have healthy, happy relationships with other people, we need to have a healthy, happy relationship with ourselves.