Wowzers. While I expected this to be a great interview as Jason is hailed as an expert in helping entrepreneurs growth their profitability while honoring their heart’s desires, where we went blew me away. Juicy stuff residing in this episode, ya’ll!

Jason mentioned his bookkeeper, Connie. Here’s her contact info: http://www.accountingdepartmentinc.com/

Jason Stein, L.Ac., has worked with the integration of healing and business for the past 15 years.  After becoming a Licensed Acupuncturist, Jason established New Mexico’s first hospital based integrative medicine program.  Jason has also been privileged to teach Mindfulness and Meditation to overstressed, overworked and overwhelmed corporate employees across the Pacific NW.  Currently he serves as the Chair of Professional Development for the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, and as an Associate at Heart of Business, helping thousands of business owners who want to make a difference and need to make a profit.   You can learn more about Jason and get some fun stuff at http://www.heartofbusiness.com/training-programs/obdp-jason/

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