Have you ever taken a look around at your community, city, or state and thought, “Wow, we have a real problem here?” My guests today didn’t just do that, they decided to take action!

Tim Mask and Randy Lynn are equity partners at Maris, West & Baker – an advertising firm that focuses on creativity for social impact. Tim is the VP of Stuff at the firm and Randy is the Creative Director. Both are co-organizers of TEDxJackson – the first TEDx event in Mississippi and co-founder’s of Kids Code Mississippi.

Tim is also the director of the Fast Forward Mississippi Initiative. Tim also holds the state record for running the most unfunded mandates in Mississippi history.

Randy sits on various boards and committees focused on education modernization and technology education. Randy has helped produce a number of student-focused hackathons across Mississippi, and served as a consultant to the CS4MS computer science pilot for the Mississippi State Department of Education.

These gentlemen joined me to discuss Kids Code MS- why they started it, successes, challenges, and its future. When I heard about this project, I was deeply inspired because I spent 5 years in a rural area with a significant “brain drain” wondering what could be done about the problem and how could better paying jobs that are not reliant on weather-driven tourism be attracted to the state. I believe these gentlemen are onto something! To learn more visit their website.

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And I’d love to hear the problem in your community you’ve been thinking about and any possible solutions that came out of this podcast! Leave a comment below.