Manifestation has become all the rage. We’re told, just visualize it and you’ll get it, think and grow rich, you have the power. But what happens when what you want, you don’t get? You feel awful.

Agnes Kowalski joins me to discuss why manifesting DOESN’T work and what the secret is to making it work. We also talk about anger, money, and victim thinking. This is a fun episode I suspect you’ll want to share with several people!

Agnes Kowalski is a psychotherapist versed in the cutting edge knowledge of the most effective mindset shifting techniques. She has successfully guided hundreds of clients through the healing process and coaches seven figure earners in alignment, self-care and money mindset.

Agnes mentioned three inspirations:

Molly Sap

The Agape Community

Melody Beattie

You can learn more about Agnes and find the program she mentioned here.

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