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Rachel Rosen is the Founder of LOVE IS LOVE and SPARK! Cards For Humanity, a fun, relationship-building activity for leaders (and communities) who want to strengthen bonds and believe that meaningful conversations have a lasting impact. She also currently works for an educational nonprofit as a leadership coach and facilitator, supporting leaders to create powerful learning conditions for their schools and communities. Rachel’s extensive training in leadership and coaching, as well as her experience in an interracial same-sex relationship, has shaped her deep belief that—when space is created for structured storytelling, transformation ignites, community is built, and new possibilities emerge for a more hopeful tomorrow. Rachel believes the need for healing in the world is unprecedented. So, she has many projects, including Cards For Humanity that serve to support individuals and teams who want to take conversations to a deeper realm, have a commitment to growth, and an openness to get vulnerable—in service of maximizing their potential. Bottom line: Rachel is on a mission to make this world a better place, one conversation at a time.

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