Margaret Taylor creates ceremonies to inspire healing.
You can discover all of her ceremonies and a special group she’s created at www.willowhorserun.org
We talked about:
  • How she got started in creating ceremonies
  • How ceremonies can be easy while remaining powerful
  • The role  intuition plays in ceremonies
  • How Spirit and guides help lead people to more heart centered happier lives
  • The power of words and the part they play in ceremonies
  • Her most personally transformative ceremonies she has done for herself
  • A ceremony for our political system
  • Her personal ask of the listeners
Margaret has a special treat for our listeners today. You can access the Releasing Fear Ceremony here.
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  1. I really enjoyed Margaret Taylor’s interview on your show. I would like to review it and listen regularly to your show; however, I cannot find it on iTunes. I just downloaded iTunes app to my android phone. Thanks for any tips.

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