wbz102 Planetary lessons for spring with Vanessa Couto

(Soul Guide can be found here)

Vanessa Couto joins us again to discuss:

  • what we can expect between spring and summer equinox
  • what we’re being called to explore
  • how this affects us- from microcosm to macrocosm

Below you’ll find some of my core take-away’s. You can get Vanessa’s book here. Her website and Facebook.

You can download the show here.


  • Examine beliefs and what gives us meaning
  • How do we bring energetic deadlocks into our lives?
  • What is our quest for meaning?
  • What is our shadow relationship with anger?
  • How do we project our anger onto the world?
  • How are we passive aggressive?
  • What is our spiritual and imaginative self capable of now?
  • Where do we try to escape?
  • How do we deal with frustration?

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