wbz003:May you be healthy


Denny Richard is a wellness and lifestyle expert with a completely unique perspective. His inner peace and joy for living is contagious. We talk about what is health, how to release the stories, the 2 keys to wellness he shares with everyone, and going from the darkness of depression to really living in the moment with joy (and all emotions).

Though I’ve known Denny for many years, there is never a time when I talk to Denny that I don’t walk away from the conversation feeling like a better being. He is truly infinite. As Denny shares what makes him tick, it’s pretty obvious how he is capacle of transforming the most unhealthy people into disciples of living wellness.

You can find more on Denny at www.peacefulroots.com

Leave a comment below about what healthy means to you. What is one thing you’re taking away from the show that you will apply to your life today?


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