Busting through excuses!

Shannon Nicholson and Alionka Polanko join me to discuss excuses and how to break through. Plus they share their experiences of overcoming the habit of making excuses.

Shannon Nicholson is a professional firefighter, photographer and speaker whose super power is changing people’s lens and shifting their perspective. Her inspiration comes from being the catalyst that helps others to face their fears and tackle their problems and come out the other side smiling. Find out more and sign-up for the free challenge we discussed at www.discoversession.com

Alionka Polanco believes that we were all put on Earth for a reason.  As a life coach, angel card reader, and Desire Map Facilitator, she helps people connect the dots of their life so that they can step into their power and make a difference in the world.  Above all else, she is here to help. You can find her at www.alionkapolanco.com Her upcoming workshop can be found here.