The War Between Love and Money

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The War Between Love and Money

by Mark Silver of Heart of Business

You need money to live. Yet focusing on financial goals can seem so heart-depleting and shallow. You wonder, is it better to focus on love?

Feels better, but focusing on love hasn’t gotten you where you need to be. You’ve given lots of love, and the money ain’t there. You need to eat. So you end up focusing on money again… back to shallow and depleted.

The tug-of-war between love and money has got to stop. Surely there’s plenty of both for everyone?

What IS Money And Why Is It So Painful At Times?

There are all kinds of theories about money, that it’s only energy, or that it’s love in disguise, or other similar things. But let’s take a closer look.

In “Backwards”, I explain the layers of reality in depth, but let me cut to the chase. There’s Source, and all the related divine qualities, like love, strength, peace, mercy, compassion, wisdom, etc. Then there’s the physical world.

Money belongs to the physical world. Even if it’s been reduced to 1’s and 0’s in a computer bank somewhere, money is a physical thing. You can tell it’s physical because it’s useless anywhere else except in the 3-D world. The Beatles said it well, “Money can’t buy me love.”

However, everything in the physical world came from a spiritual source. The spiritual building blocks for the physical world are those Divine qualities I mentioned above.

Here’s the thing: each individual physical thing has the potential to be a vessel for any of the qualities. And when I say each individual thing, I mean each individual object, like this one dollar bill or that check.

This is why it can be a little confusing talking about what money is. It’s a kaleidoscope, with each bit of money showing a different spiritual face in different situations.

The painful part comes in because of the way Divine qualities are cloaked. For most of us, most of the time, our physical senses and surface emotions grab our attention. Money comes in or goes out, it’s not enough or too much, and we get all focused on the surface. Our emotions go higgledy-piggledy (that’s a technical term meaning “gitchy-wah-wah”), and the screen of inner wisdom goes dark.

In an attempt to soothe the pain and to re-center ourselves, sometimes the question gets asked, “Why does money bug me so much?”

The trouble is, the lens is too wide. From a distance, the kaleidoscope we call money goes blurry. To get some clarity here, you just need to tighten up the lens a bit.

What’s Up With This Bit of Money?

Some money you have a fine relationship with, and some you don’t. An interesting exercise is to identify some particular bit of money in your life that you are having some struggles with, perhaps the amount in your bank account right now, or an amount of money a client owes you who hasn’t paid yet, and look more closely at that part of the kaleidoscope.

Since that money is built from the spiritual building blocks I mentioned before, asking yourself these three questions can help elicit some clarity for you:

1. What emotions are coming up for me around this bit of money?

Identifying the emotions, whether anger, sadness, grief, irritation, fear, can help you get some distance from them. Instead of being inside fear, you can recognize, “Oh yeah, I’m feeling fear.”

Take a breath, ask to connect in your heart (you can use this “Guided Remembrance Audio” if you like).

2. What Divine qualities is this bit of money a vessel for?

Or, What deeper qualities is this money carrying for me? Or, What qualities are being nurtured, developed in me through my experience with this particular bit of money?

Ask not knowing the answer, with a willingness to be surprised.

For instance, “Wow, I would’ve guessed that the quality of patience was being developed, but actually I see that love and strength are wanting to be combined within me through this experience.”

Let your heart drink in these qualities. What does it feel like to allow love and strength, or whatever qualities you saw for yourself, to fill you up?

3. What next steps does my heart show me?

Once your heart is tasting these qualities that are being nurtured within you through this experience, it’s time to anchor them in through action. What next steps does your heart show you?

If your heart is tasting those qualities, you can trust the impulses your heart feels. Again, ask with a willingness to be surprised. Don’t force yourself to take too big a step or jump to conclusions.

For example, “I would’ve guessed that I needed to get all up in my client’s face and demand payment. But my heart surprised me—the mingling of strength and love allows me to know I’m okay, and it gives me the space to use empathy to ask my client first if anything is upsetting their routine.”

The War Is Over

The war only seemed to be between love and money. Our experiences with the world around us are helping to develop and nourish our strengths and gifts. Money is not a mono-crop.

Like everything in creation, each bit of money carries a unique relationship to the Divine and an ability to connect us to our deepest selves, if we can see past the surface.

My question for you today: if you have a particular bit of money that is making you higgledy-piggledy, what is being developed within your heart through that experience?

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