The following are events, classes, and resources for Veterans and their families to help with Post Traumatic Stress Growth. These are offered in gratitude to assist Veterans in all stages of recovery and resilience building. In memory of my grandfathers, Robert DeShazo and Andy Reese, and in honor of my many, many friends who have served our country, this page is dedicated to you and your families.

Upcoming Events

Warrior Gratitude: a yoga/mindfulness fundraiser for Veterans Yoga Project

Veterans Yoga Project Eureka Springs
“The artwork is meant to raise awareness regarding the many sacrifices of our men and women of service, and the unmet needs of our veterans and their families. The poppies are for Armistice Day- 22 poppies, one for each of the average number of our veterans that commit suicide every day. The butterfly represents transformation and growth. The silhouette service member in Warrior pose represents strength building. The handshake represents our gratitude for the sacrifices of our military, and for the freedom we enjoy because of their service. The handshake and bell are deliberately monochrome. People of every color, gender, creed, race, have sacrificed for our collective freedom. In this current political climate of rising hatred, I am just inviting the viewer to consider that our freedom was created by all, and it was intended to be enjoyed equally by all.” ~Jason Smiley

Sunday, November 11
Eureka Springs Community Center
Community Meeting Room

Experience yoga and mindfulness practices developed by Veterans Yoga Project used to help almost 18,000 veterans and their families in 2017.

1:00-1:50 pm Mindful Movement Yoga Practice
Chair based all levels practice

2:00-2:30 Guided Rest
Yoga Nidra: guided deep meditation to improve sleep and energy levels.

Suggested donation:
$15 for one class or
$25 for both
100% of proceeds are donated to Veterans Yoga Project. If you are unable to attend but would like to make a contribution, click here.














Mindful Resilience Eureka Springs

Monday, November 19

Breathing 101: learn, practice and discuss 4 breathing techniques

Monday, November 26

Meditation 101: learn, practice and discuss 4 different 7-12 minute meditations techniques

Monday, December 3

Mindful Movement 101: basic chair yoga mindful movement class

Monday, December 10

Guided Rest 101: 30 minute mindful guided meditation that includes visualization and gentle breathing practice

Eureka Springs Community Center

Free for veterans and their family members



Breath Observation Mindfulness Practice

Other mindfulness practices: click here