Are you a valuable investment?

Archetypal patterns hold the key to the real you. Archetypes somehow know more about you than you know about yourself. Identify and explore your own archetypal patterns because they are the key to your soul. Understand your true self by getting to know your archetypes.

Archetypes are the keys to our personal power.

“Every thought, feeling, sensation, and human vibration is transmitted instantaneously across this archetypal grid, transferring the one common ingredient of the human experience: power. Whatever you do, say, think, calculate, consider, or wear is carried out with power in mind. Power is the single ingredient common to your every human action, from the moment of your birth to your death. Everything about your life is a power negotiation, with all of that power transitioning through this archetypal grid…At the end of the day, your choices are based upon power calculations: Will what I say or do in this moment empower me or disempower me? Should I keep quiet? Speak up? Be honest? Should I act on my intuition or seek out more information? What’s my best course of action here? Something as simple as getting a second opinion on a restaurant your friend has suggested can be intimidating. Better to just agree and go along with the group, most people think.” -Caroline Myss

Everyone has four core archetypes: child, victim, saboteur, and prostitute. When you know how they operate, you know why you get stuck and how to get unstuck. That’s huge. That’s powerful.

The funny thing is, most people are unaware of their archetypes. They don’t know why they do what they do or feel what they feel, they just know when something is not working and they want it to change.

What if you had the power to draw on these archetypes and discover your patterns? Is it as valuable to you as learning how to shift a job, relationship, or health issue that is challenging you? Is it as important as relaxing or having fun?

I know we all want the magic bullet and truth be told, we want someone else to do fix things for us. We don’t want the risk of diving in and getting messy in the shadows of our life. We want things to be fine, perfect even. What if I told you herein lies the solution; risk, messiness, discover, and choices? Would you try it? Or would you make another excuse?

Truth be told, until the payoff to shift is greater than the payoff of staying stuck, people- you and I- will stay stuck. It’s that simple. Nothing right nor wrong about this. Only you can decide for yourself what you want- shift or stay.

If you’re ready to shift, I have a program you won’t want to miss. It kicks off this thursday (all sessions are recorded if you can’t make it). It will introduce you to your four core archetypes, how they play in the shadows, and how to bring them into the Light to use them as guides. It’s powerful, life transforming stuff! Find out more here.

I’d love to here how you think your four core archetypes show up in your life. Leave a comment below.