The seed and the promise

“Our past is not our potential…Whatever you may think about yourself and however long you may have thought it, you are not just you. You are a seed, a silent promise.” Marilyn Ferguson

You are the seed.

You are a silent promise.

Your thoughts are tiny sprouts growing in the garden of your mind. Your desires, tiny thoughts growing the the garden of your soul.

Are you sprouting love or hate?

Fear or unconditional love?

Courage or cowardice?

The silent promise of something great or something small and limited?

You are being called, right this moment (trust me, otherwise you would not be reading this because that’s how the Universe works) to be YOU! Perhaps you do not see yourself as great, but you are.

Even if you are uneducated, don’t even have a pot to piss in, you have a heart. It still beats. It’s like the driver of the “happy bus”. People let other bus’s pass because there is one driver who knows everyone and makes them feel good. People laugh and talk on that bus. Or the counter dude at Taco Bell (see The Accidental Yoga Teacher for the full story) who shares his philosophy of being great. Or maybe the 5th grade teacher in Midwest City, Oklahoma who turned out almost entire class of kids in 1982 who went on to be extraordinary adults (props, Mr. McClure).

You don’t have to be a Steve Jobs (although I am immensely grateful for him, Was and their dream) or a Gandhi. They’re great and all, but that’s their card, not yours.

It is far more challenging to be truly great on an everyday basis when you feel ordinary than it is to lead the masses when you know you are extraordinary. One thing is common for all who live BIG: you know in your heart when you are living the energy of love, when your idea can change the world for the better, or when you are making life more wonderful for yourself. So do it.

Be the seed.

Be the promise.