The G word

I attended a workshop on Sikhism. This audience was what I would call largely spiritual, mostly liberal. There was a collective gasp when the presenter said,

“Sikhs believe God is in everyone. If you don’t see God in all, you don’t see God at all.”

I smiled and nodded. This has been my believe for 15 years, largely formed through yoga. I think in the current political climate of the Trump administration, this simple edict was a slap in the face. How can God be in them? Yet, just that simple belief reflects prejudice, which certainly narrows the separation of being more conscious, more evolved than the “basket of deplorable’s” and their leaders.

If you don’t see God in all, you don’t see God at all.

In the murderer, the homeless, the tyrants, the Wall Street fat cats, the pedophiles, the rapist, the media, the bullies, the narcissists, that family member or co-worker you can’t stand. Yep, God’s there.

In the sunset, the lovers, the friends, the caretakers. God’s there, too.

In you. Especially in you. Me, too.

So what’s up with that. If God is in all, how does bad shit happen?

Two words:

Consciousness evolving.

Each of us have a unique experience of joy and pain, empathy and separation, justice and injustice, kindness and anger. Through us, our actions and inactions, and our feelings (or lack of), God gets to be. Through that being, conscious evolves.

Every time we choose love over hate, kindness over cruelty or ignoring, action over inaction, joy over pain, we evolve a little more. When we have those moments of not knowing where we end and the other begins, we evolve a little more. Our expansion is evolution.

Today, look everyone in the eyes. Look yourself in the eyes when at a mirror. See who you’re looking at. Look through their actions (or inactions) and even for just a moment, recognize the God within. See what changes.

PS- I’d love to hear your experiences.