Stay present

Are you willing to be seen today? Sure everyone wants to be seen until they are and then all the shame and guilt come piling up and makes us run and hide. All those beliefs of not being worthy of being loved fully, completely, (oh my) unconditionally. How is it possible? Yet, we crave being seen and loved at that level when we won’t even love ourselves that much.IMG_0941

What if for today, you let that love in? You let yourself be seen for the flawed and miraculous being that you are? Are you willing to be seen as the crazy and brilliant being you are? Are you willing to be seen as the hardened, judgmental and the big-hearted giver? Yes, you can be all of this. There’s room for it all. You are infinite, you know.

What if, now here’s where we get a little radical- because nothing above was, right? What if you were to see others as their dualities and love them anyway? Would you? Could you? Or will you hide from the magnitude that if you did that for someone else, it might be done for you? You might be acceptable.¬†You might even find yourself lovable and as such, all the misbeliefs you’ve held so dear would dissolve. Then what? Who are you then without the victim story? Without the wound child who needs to be loved? Then what do you focus on?

You might have so much extra space that instantly inflates (like one of those camping mats that fills with air as it is unrolled) with love that it spews out of you like a volcano chasing others running, gripping them, holding them, burning away their misbeliefs. Imagine having let yourself be seen, accepted, and loved, you become the catalyst for an inner revolution of love.

Sure, it’s a challenge. It’s a risk. With great risk comes the potential of great reward. What will you choose today? Leave a comment below.