A short yoga practice to reduce anxiety

This is a short and simple practice to help reduce anxiety. Music I like for this practice: click here

Goat stance: try to hold for a minute+

Laying on your back, knees to chest, hands on top of upper shin and press knees into hands on inhalation, pull knees to chest on exhalation 3 times

Laying on back, knees bent, feet as wide as mat, drop knees into one another and consciously breathe. As you’re doing this, try to think of as many things as possible for which you are grateful.

Finish with 3-5 minutes of conscious breathing while holding Apana Mudra – touch tips of ring and middle fingers to tips of thumbs, index and pinky fingers extend away from palms, rest backs of hands on thighs or knees.

Admittedly, these are a bandaid, not a solution for anxiety. They will, however, reduce anxiety enough to be able to work through what is at the roots of the anxiety: What are you resisting? What are you trying to be/say/do that is in-congruent with who you are and why you’re here? What are you getting out of anxiety (even if it’s a shadow reward?) Anxiety is often a symptom of misalignment with our soul. It’s time to reconnect and center into our Truth and wisdom to rediscover freedom and peace.

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