Setting Goals with Soul

Goals with soul

I took myself on a retreat. I needed space from distraction, some alone time with the ocean, to get really clear on what I wanted for 2017. With my Desire Map products, journal, and laptop packed, I drove to the beach.

I walked the beach before I could even check into my hotel, just to listen to The Desire Map as a refresher. Something about the way Danielle LaPorte frames things gets my creative juices flowing. As I walked, I kept finding heart shaped rocks (by the end of the weekend, I’d collected 18). I took it as a sign.

Step one was a check-in with my soul- what I am grateful for, what’s not working, and why to both. Getting honest with yourself around those questions can be a bit scary, but I have found when I approach it with curiosity, I go on a journey of discovery.

Step two was identifying how I want to feel in 2017. The list was long, though there were some overlap in the five life areas focused on. I had to narrow those to 10 and then massage them a bit. Were they the right words? Why do I want to feel that way? How would I embody them daily? What would my life (and Whole Being Inc) look like if I were those words? As I narrowed my words down to about 8, I took a bath and set my list next to me and tried each one of the words on for size. From that process, it came down to four.

The next day was about planning how to integrate those four Core Desired Feeling’s into the five areas of my life and my business. In other words, if I want to feel those four feelings, then I need to do, experience, or have _____.  See how that’s different than, “I want to make $100K next year, buy a nice car, and travel and I am sure I will be happy.” You get clear on how you want to feel first and surprisingly, the actions that arrive from those feelings are sometimes unexpected.

From there, I had to set 3-4 intensions for the year. You use the previous section and prioritize what matters most. How would you feel if you died before you reached those identified things to do, experience, or have? How will they effect others? How will they effect you in 5-10 years? What will have the most bang for the buck? What feels the best? What lights you up the most?

When I left Monday morning, I felt lighter, more peaceful and fulfilled than I’d felt this whole year. I even felt excited! I was ready for a new year. Though I’ve done this process before, it’s never felt this way before. My energy and creativity have been turned on, the things I feel I’ve been fighting all year felt like they were no longer a fight, even my relationship has been more loving and open. I haven’t done anything different since I returned, either. Something in me has shifted. I am more aligned with my soul.

I’ll be offering this process as an intensive (4 hours) on New Year’s Eve or over 3 weeks in January. I’d love to share this with you and help you get the clarity, focus, and peace that I am feeling now. Check it out here.