Roots of resistance to change

The two reasons most often given for resisting change?

Change is hard.

I don’t like change.

But what is at the roots of change is fear- it might not be as comfortable as where you are now, it might not work out, it might work out and lead to other change, and the worst of all is that if you make the change for “the better” you’ll actually have to step up to the plate and be seen.

Let me explain with a real example.

Very long story short, something happened when I was four years old that set a course in motion for me to create a mindset that it’s not safe for me to shine my brightest. With a soul as bright as mine, though, it had a hard time dimming. So my ego would seek safer routes- show up here, but not fully, do this but in a way that you perceive others find acceptable.

When I said “yes” to my soul (getting my Master’s degree, getting my advance yoga certification, change is hardjoining an online business school, taking a class with Seth Godin), all those safety nets had to be addressed because they weren’t actually below me to catch a fall like an acrobat in the circus, they we wrapped around me keeping me from moving forward.

In order to let my light shine, I had to take a risk to really being seen, something I’d subconsciously avoided for over 4 decades.

In that way, change is hard and uncomfortable. But so is staying put.

Not changing is like wearing a pair of shoes one size too small, day in and day out with only minute breaks, just long enough to feel the relief and possibilities. When you wear those shoes long enough, your feet begin to structurally change. Eventually, they disable and even if you get the right sized shoe, the damage never fully heals without constant, loving work. But it is possible.

How long do you want to keep hiding behind “safe” (which you and I both know isn’t actually comfortable, just familiar)?

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