Your Purpose and Vision

“Purpose is similar to a direction, a general heading. Vision is a specific destination, a picture of a desired future. Purpose is abstract. Vision is concrete. Purpose is ‘advancing mans capability to explore the heaven’s’. Vision is ‘a man on the moon by the end of the 1960’s’. Purpose is being the best I can be’, ‘excellence’. Vision is breaking the four minute mile.” Peter Senge
Do you know your purpose? I have come to the place where I believe we are all here to live Love. Not love as an emotion, though that is delightful, especially when it is unconditional. What I am talking about is Love as energy.
We all have a unique expression of the energy of Love. Everyone has an interest, a passion. Some of us had it dismissed, belittled, or even squashed early in life, so we repressed or buried it in the back of the deepest recesses of our souls. Sssshhh…don’t tell the person who poo-poo’d it, but it is still there and can be unpacked at any moment. You can never kill that energy because it is the expression of your soul.
Do you have a vision? Your vision is likely how your purpose is expressed. It’s how you see yourself ultimately showing up in the word and contributing in some capacity. It could be simple or complex, small or grand. It may even seem impossible, but something won’t let you back away from the vision. Visions are important. Really, really important because they allow our mind make that purpose come to life.
I often get the question, “What is my purpose?” and I know there are people who are willing to answer that question for someone else. Personally, I think that is unfair. There is a reason why we  do not remember our purpose. Bringing that into a place of love, compassion, and healing will bring the vision necessary to see the purpose. Are you willing to see yourself as worthy and capable? If not, why would your purpose present itself if the risk of being hidden again is so great?
If your purpose is eluding you, start with the limiting beliefs you hold. Are you willing to let those go, let go of the stories around why they exist, and start exploring your deepest Truth?
Take inspired action by commenting below. Do you know your purpose (if so, post)? If not, what’s the belief that keeps you blocked?