New Year Peace

Happy new year, whole beings.
This day, a new day on a new calendar year is no different than any other day, really, other than the meaning with assign it. How often we assign meaning to many things in our life without conscious consideration. How often we tell ourselves stores based more on assumptions than fact and give those stories meaning. That creates our beliefs and influences our actions.
We reflect on those stories at the calendar end, on the people and things that shaped the stories. We remember without re-membering those parts of us disconnected because of the stories. In the moments of heart-felt longing for what once was, we are really missing those missing pieces of ourselves.
I was recently asked if it were true that healing hurt can happen quickly. I do believe that AND at the same time, it is entirely up to the person hurting how long they want to play in the experience of the hurt. When we chose to “heal” hurt, we have to take responsibility for the stories we have carried and shared for so long about the hurt. We have to be willing to shift perspective about the person who caused the hurt, be willing to set aside our assumptions about that person, and focus on the truth. Only then can we re-story from a more conscious perspective.

Tweet this: The limitations we play in are manifestations of experiences our souls desire.

I have found when I am willing to shift to fact finding and releasing my assumptions, I turn the spotlight on myself. That illuminates the lessons my soul desires. When I am feeling contracted in any way- anger, frustration, sadness, guilt, shame- I know that there’s something there that is needing to be learned. I pay attention to how I am feeling in that moment and I get curious about what the opposite feeling would be and what it would take to shift how I feel to the more positive emotion.

For example, if I were feeling ignored, unloved, dismissed, I would wonder how I was treating myself that way, too.  Then I would explore what love, acceptance, and belonging would feel like. I might have to make some shifts in how I was showing up or start meeting my own needs instead of expecting others to meet them.

It’s interesting work. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s more challenging. It is, however, always worth it.

As we start off this new year, I invite you to explore and re-member your Self so that you can move forward from a place of wholeness because as you heal, the world around you heals. And that is how we create peace.