Moving through limitations

We are storytellers. Brilliant, crafty storytellers making up stories all the time about our experiences and what we would do or should have done different to be more favorable to ourselves. More often than not, though, those stories keep us stuck in a rut. They create layers of hurt that evolve into patterns and habits. In trying to avoid painful repeats, we look at the past and project into the future, bypassing the present and the infinite possibilities available.


The stories we create about other people and the situations in our life are a protection mechanism, albeit limiting. They are one sided and rarely healing. Tony Robbins said, “There are only two states we live in- a beautiful state and a suffering state.” If we want to transcend the suffering, we have to surrender the stories.

The easiest way to do that is to look at the stories you’re telling. Right now, think back on something that wasn’t working for you this week, when you didn’t feel joyful or fulfilled. What happened? Who was involved? How did you feel as a result?

Is there one sentence you keep returning to in this self-created story? For example:

  • “S/he is so inconsiderate and disrespectful”
  • “I can’t believe this is happening”
  • “What’s wrong with me?”

Take that sentence and see how many variations you can make of it just by changing one word at a time. For the sake of time, I’ll use I can’t believe this is happening”:

  • I can believe this is happening
  • I do believe this is happening
  • I will believe this is happening
  • I can believe this isn’t happening
  • I do believe this isn’t happening.
  • I am why this is happening.

As you look at those, how do they feel? Is there any truth to any of them? Ask yourself for each one, “So what? Now what?” and see what stories comes up. Often there is a root story within the patterns we create. If we can get to that root belief, we can start to heal and from a healthier place, re-story.

Words are such interesting and powerful things and yet, we as storytellers fail to honor their power.

Now, what sentence would you like to move forward with in your new story? If we stick to our example, perhaps it becomes, “I see the pattern in why this is happening and I am committed to making a shift by more effectively meeting my needs for myself.”

This process is extremely empowering! Instead of leaking your energy through blame, shame, or guilt of all the “coulda’s, woulda’s, and if’s only’s”, you take accountability and responsibility for your role in he story. You get to choose how you’ll move forward. That is freedom.

Would you like a little challenge for taking your yoga off the mat and living it in your daily life? Check this out. It’s free. And if you need some help with the process above, email me at I’d love to chat.