Monday Miracle Manifestation 4.20

Settle into your heart center, gaze at the cards, and choose which holds the mos energetic vibration for you.


Now, see what you chose.IMG_1556(1)

Card on left:

“Every problem has an answer, I always find the solution I need.” The guides are saying this is truly about the big payoff- and there is always a payoff! When we choose to take accountability for our part in the problem, including being willing to look at those parts of ourselves held in unworthiness, shame, and guilt with love and acceptance (yes, there is room for love, even there!), we shift out of the victim archetype and transformation to wholeness can begin.



Archangel Uriel reminds us of safety. “Remember to call on me and Arch Angel Michael whenever you feel the need.” The guides are reminding us we have energetic gumbas who have our back. So often we don’t take risks or don’t allow ourselves permission to be real, be vulnerable, or follow our hearts because we feel it’s not safe. Check it. Homeboys Michael and Uriel have our back. Word.


Guinevere reminds us of true love. “The romantic stirrings in your heart have propelled the Universe to deliver great love to you.” Hold up. Th guides are f-ing funny this morning because they say this ISN’T about romantic love as YOU perceive it. Nah, dawg. This is about WHOLE/TRUE love within YOU. Meaning, the masculine and feminine energy been flirting about with all that animosity. Acting like they can’t stand each other when really all they want to do is unite in one big courtship of trust, acceptance, and love. So if you drew this card, you’re being asked to look at the parts of you that have gotten you this far and the parts of you that are longing to be birthed and allow yourself to love them both. There’s oom for all of it, baby. Let’s the courtship begin (insert Marvin Gaye here).