When life lets go

I was sharing with my friend, Belen, that I feel we are in a season of surrender that is unique; more than just letting go of the old mental constructs, narratives, and habits, it’s a time of deep exploration as to our part in the things that most disturb us in our lives. And if we are really willing to go there with ourselves (and eventually with one another), we are going to see radical, massive shifts in the status quo.

She shared with me something she’d written just a couple days before:

yoga menotring healing
My amazing husband, Dave, celebrating life and autumn in the woods near our home.

“Autumn. The season of surrender. The great teacher of surrender. Shows us that there can be beauty in surrender, there can be beauty in letting go. Walks us through putting a season’s hope to sleep. Hope, that thing they say is last to cease. Autumn, walks us through allowing our unfulfilled hopes to rest. It guides us in returning that hope that now weighs more than lifts us…to the earth, to compost. It walks us to the door of Winter, whom will sit with us and all our inner vacancies. Winter who will stare into the abyss with us and will not allow us to walk away until we can see ourselves a little more clearly, clearly enough to initiate the beginning of new hopes to germinate with the Spring.”


So many ways to surrender


One of my neighbors committed suicide last week. A friend and neighbor shared that in the days following his death, three other men in the community told her they could have recently made the same decision my neighbor had made. I myself have been feeling that pull of hopelessness, despair, and desire to just give up. And I am guessing more than a few of you reading this have, too, rather you’d actually take action or not, tell anyone or not. Listen, I get it. Things are wonky and the answers aren’t exactly super obvious.

We can, however, find guidance from the cosmos. (We’re going “woo woo” with the astrology here)

There are Truths within us, within society, within humanity that are shared. They are deeply protected and contain an abundance of strength, courage, energy and even emotions. We protect these from our own fear of them being judged, ridiculed, dismissed. We even fear being abandoned for having these Truths. So we hide them.

Have you ever put something really important away for safe keeping and then forgotten where you placed it? And have you ever thought of something you needed in the other room, gotten up to retrieve it, gotten distracted and forgot what you needed in the first place? Yep. Me, too. Aggravating, right?

We’ve been searching for awhile for something we can’t remember what it is or where it is. (Might that explain a lot about what has happened over the past year???)


Turning on the GPS

I’ve got a secret. What you’ve been search for is in you. Always has been, always will be. It’s calling you, just like mine is calling me, longing to be remembered, recognized, and to hear its name. (This is a great song to demonstrate that forget-longing-recognition). It wants to scream “HELLO!” rekindling the flame that has died to mere embers.

But first we have to break down to be broken open and finding the Truth. It’s time to re-calibrate from the inside out instead of trying to go from outside in. F*ck other peoples definition of success and what they think you should be. It’s time to go deep diving and figure out your own definition. Your Truth is yours and yours alone. No one can take it or break it or even destroy it, even if it feels like that is already happening. I assure you that it’s not.

We are at a precipice and we must deep dive into the well of Truth within you in order to recognize it in others. Pay attention over the next week to what’s trying to rise to the surface to meet you as you dive down. It’s ready, waiting, and willing to meet you half way.

Where do you begin?

If you can’t remember your Truth, how do you know what you’re looking for when you go diving? Start with curiosity:

  • I wonder what my Truth knows that would be beneficial to me knowing and understanding right now?
  • What else is there within me that I am too afraid to expose for fear of it being judged, dismissed, or in some way harmed?
  • Am I willing to trust that this Truth is invincible and here to help me heal, love and be loved purely for the sake of love?
  • Am I willing to be an ally to this Truth for the sake of my own Self and for the bigger whole of humanity?

Some of you are strong and have the faith to trust you’ll be guided and all will be well. Some of you won’t be ready. And some of you will need help. I am here for all of you because we’re all in this together, y’all.