Intention setting for the New Year

In 2005, my mentor asked me what my word of the year was and I had no clue what she was talking about. I don’t even know where she got it, but it was a habit that stuck for me. Every December, I choose a word for how I want the following year to be.

This year, I chose congruent. I want my heart, head, and actions to be congruent. If I want to be healthy, therefore, I have to decide what that means for me, then take responsibility and action toward healthy. If my heart longs for intimacy in relationships, I have to do the inner work of removing blocks to intimacy, show up fully, and take some risks. If I want to live my purpose, I have to stop hiding behind excuses, love the parts of me that feel unworthy or not enough, and start showing up completely.

Once I have my word, I start thinking about what would need to shift in my life to see that word come to fruition. That’s where I start doing the inner work. This takes some courageous honesty with myself. What stories am I telling myself (and others)? Where am I blaming? Where am I shirking responsibility? Why? What lessons remain that I’ve yet to learn? What do I need to understand about myself in order to accept and love myself fully?

I usually make a vision board that has visual representation of what my life would look like if I were in alignment with the word. I divide the board into relationships, home, spirituality, health, work, and travel. I put the word in the center.

I try to take some really quite time right at the new year (preferably new year’s eve) to sit in silence. I remember the past year- the up’s and down’s- and explore if there is room for gratitude, acceptance, and love for it all. Sometimes I journal. Sometimes I write what I am ready to release on a piece of paper and burn it with sage. A hot Epson salt bath with essential oils, maybe some rose pedals or lavender blooms while listening to something inspirational. It is about cleansing, clearing, and releasing to set the intentions, for sure.

What are your rituals and what is your word of the year? Leave a comment below.