In search of equanimity

Balance in the body is simple- everything you ingests must be digested and either assimilated or eliminated. If it’s not being digested, you’ll feel lousy and eventually get sick. If what is digested isn’t being assimilated, you’ll be malnourished and if it’s not eliminated, you’ll be constipated, with both scenarios leading to illness.
This balance works mentally, too. When you’re hearing gossip, anger, misery, frustration, hatred (in whatever form it should take), even if you’re not fully paying attention, you’re ingesting it. When those words create a conscious or subconscious threat or discomfort (or outright hurt), you mind tries to digest it. Unfortunately, most of us assimilate the information instead of eliminate it. 

Words are very powerful; thoughts become words which form stories that shape your existence. While deep down you may want to step into the best version of ourselves, there may be powerful words floating around in your system holding you back. 
There is a simple solution, though it does require a solid commitment and takes time to turn into a habit.

Choose better words.

Replace:  “I can’t” with “I am discovering my capacity” “I’m really struggling with…” with “I embrace discovering…” “I don’t know how” with “I’m willing to learn” “I’m not good enough” with “I’m doing my best in this moment” “It’s hard” with “I’m curious what I am missing.”

When you experience an emotion, situation or condition that you do not like, take a moment to explore what would be more desirable and then look for proof of the better option. For example, “That politician is a no good so-and-so” could be contrast to “Who is making a difference and doing good locally that I could focus on and support?”
When you consciously pivot from negativity to positivity, it’s a bit like strength training for neural pathways; they get stronger and start to carry more of the load. 
Another way of consciously shifting your words is to take on a complaint fast. It helps to have accountability for this. Tell everyone you know if they catch you complaining over the next month, you’ll donate $1 for each complaint to an organization you dislike or disagree with. Many people would recoil if they had to make a donation to the KKK, the political party they are not affiliated with, or a politician they loathe. The trick is making people make you stick to it. Yes, it is a way of shaming yourself into making a change, but it works!

Equanimity starts within. Up level your thoughts and you’ll up level your perspective and experiences in life.