“I’m not flexible” + other excuses

“I can’t do yoga. I’m not flexible.”

Really? That is precisely why you start practicing yoga. Flexibility improves not just in the body with each moment of practice, it happens in your mind, beliefs, relationships, and outlook on life. The best part, you usually aren’t even aware of how that is happening. One day you may realize that you can reach your feet, while on another day, you notice you are a little more patient with that person who used to annoy you. 

Yoga teaches body awareness, too. Your body uses pain and disease (read dis-ease) to get your attention to the limitations you are creating through your choices. All the unconditional love your being knows becomes blocked by the ways you try to keep yourself safe. Yoga teaches how to listen to the body, observe, and be present with yourself. It teaches you how to be present, how to love yourself and others, how to be peace. 

Yoga develops strength and balance in both the body and life. The courage to be courageous, authentic, and Love. The balance to know how to play until you need to rest and rest until you are ready to play. Balance is about bringing play into everything. Yoga teaches you to laugh at yourself. It also teaches how to open the heart and live fully.

We are kicking off a brand new program called “Yoga Building Blocks.” In 21 days you’ll learn the basics you need to survive just about any physical yoga practice. It’s easy and fun. It’s delivered in bite sized chunks to your inbox daily. And it’s affordable! How can you go wrong? So check it out here. We’ll be starting on July 7. Oh, and would you mind sharing this with your friends who might like to try yoga? 

Yoga Building Blocks