Holiday Survival


‘Tis the season for family, friends, parties, and overextending- mentally, spiritually, physically, financially.

We know it is coming every year. How can we not with stores barely waiting until Halloween to start putting out the Christmas trees?

This year has been particularly chaotic and triggering, anxious and challenging. Why not fill this final six weeks of the year with merriment, peace, sacredness, reflection and renewal?

Thriving through the Holidays: four steps to peace and joy is an online program for discovering what you want most out of your life. Based on the best-selling book The Desire Map, the ancient wisdom of yoga and ayurveda, and some really radical approaches to relationships (aka dealing with assholes, including in your family), we get straight to the heart of the matter: How you want to feel?

Week 1: How do you want to feel?

This is the core of it all and it is the most juicy thing you could ever do for yourself. I’m not kidding. We’ll look at six areas of your life to bring more of that good feeling to daily, attitude of gratitude (and how to shift), drawing a line in the sane.

Week 2: Creating sacred space

Getting physical when you have no time, mindset and mindfulness, daily rituals that take no time but make a huge impact, and fueling your beautiful body.

Week 3: Richer relationships

Understanding, processing, and moving beyond the triggers, rewarding and releasing (this one is good!)

Week 4: Magic making

This is where we get playful, outrageous, and have some damn fun!


From November 20-December 13, you’ll get:

  • a lesson a week in a video emailed to you
  • a private Facebook group with daily suggestions for implementing the lessons
  • a weekly email summary with all the exercises posted on Facebook
  • a weekly “office hours” support call to answer questions, provide a mindfulness practice, and lots of #LoveBombs
  • BONUS #1: a toolkit pdf of self-nurturing and transforming tools
  • BONUS #2: a 15 minute Mini-shift session to help work through any sticking point you encounter during the 4 weeks (or use it to craft a personal self-care plan!)

The BIG results.

You will be more centered and grounded. You’ll be less triggered, especially by those things that have always made you miserable during the holidays. You’ll find yourself laughing more. You’ll sleep better. Your relationships will be richer and less strained (hallelujah!). And most likely, you won’t gain as much weight. (if you follow the program completely)

And it’s available with a Soul-Driven pricing structure.

Get quiet. Check in with your soul and decide a payment that feels right to you.

There is a lovely a Sufi perspective: you can only give what you’ve been given. I know there are some people who need this, but their budget is stretched while others have the means to contribute a little extra. Only you know where you fall on that scale.

This program is a gift. Kinda a selfish one. See, my birthday is 9 days before Christmas. People are traditionally stressed out, triggered, and not fun to be around. I want to change that. I believe in the magic of holidays and especially my birthday! I want us to have fun, feel that deep peace, and be joyful this year. Are you in? Purchase here.


I’d give all my programs and services for free if I could. The thing is, it takes time and resources to create programs like this. For this program to be sustainable, it costs about $600. So, my ask is that you pay at least $25. (If you feel like you really need this course, and the minimum means choosing between food/shelter or the program, then please enter a lower amount.) Purchase here.

Here’s a recap:

Week 1: How do you want to feel?

Week 2: Creating sacred space

Week 3: Richer relationships

Week 4: Magic making

Purchase here.