Freedom to change your mind

Change your mindset and you’ll change your life. Simple, but not easy. How do you change your mindset when your thoughts, values and beliefs are ingrained?

First, get crystal clear on your desired mindset. If you were firing on all cylinders, at the top of your game, living a life even better than you can possibly imagine, what would your mindset be? What would you be focused on? Who would be around you? What would you be doing? What would you not be doing that you currently do now?

Next, think about who are the best mentors for this type of mindset. They certainly could be someone you know, but it doesn’t necessarily even need to be. In fact, they might not even be living. You can ready up or follow someone who is a great example of your desired mindset. Seth Godin, though I’ve had the great honor of meeting him and speaking with him, is not someone I could pick up the phone and call for advice. I’ve read enough of his books, listened to his podcast and interviews, and taken enough classes from him that I can imagine what he might say if I could ask for advice. 

Finally, begin to live that mindset. Place reminders to yourself in places you can randomly and regularly see them. Every day I write two sentences in my daily journal that affirm my desired mindset. I also list what I am grateful for before listing my to-do’s for the day. It helps set up the conditions for optimal outcomes.

These are just three steps to help support a mindset shift. They aren’t the only ways. Be curious and creative when contemplating what would work best for you.