Focus and just do it!

The final step in fear-setting is, in my opinion at least, the most eye opening. 
Think about your dream or goal you’ve identified and been working on (clearing, reframing, building) and imagine if you did absolutely nothing towards achieving it. You just kept on as you are right now in your life. What will your life look like 6 months, one year and 5 years from now?

My husband and I unknowingly chose the same goal (opening our brewery) to do for a fear setting exercise. Up until this last step, we had different fears and solutions. The final step though, we were courageously honest and spoke the unspeakable. You know what? We shared the same vision for a future without the brewery. It scared us because we knew going for the dream and failing would be better than having never gone for it. It lit a fire under us!

A wise professor once said, “Think big. Start small. Act now.” Reverse engineer your dream or goal into smaller goals, set deadlines, and then figure out all the small steps necessary to reach the goals. Every day, take a small step. Day after day, small step after small step adds up. Until one day you’ve achieved your dream.