What’s your excuse?

Excuses… much like anuses, everyone has them and they usually serve to push one’s crap out into the world. While the excuse may make you feel better temporarily, they never help you grow. And much like an anus, the harder you push, the more painful it becomes. Blisteringly, in fact.

There was a time in your life that you wanted something really bad, so much that NOTHING was getting in your way. In fact, some of you can think back to being attracted to someone and you’d rearrange your schedule, spend money, do things and listen about subjects that didn’t interest you, just to be around them. Right? So you know, you are totally capable to living without excuses. So why use them?

For starters, they are an easy way to hide and avoid hurting someone’s feelings. When your co-worker that annoys you with their narcissistic behavior invites you to lunch,”I’m really busy, sorry” sounds much better than, “No f*cking way am I interested in spending my precious time with you!”

Sometimes it’s even deeper than that. We’d rather stay unhealthy, in pain, alone, financially challenged than do the (perceived hard) work to change because there is a payoff to staying put. Fr example, if you gained weight after being hurt, perhaps it was bot a way to soothe the emotions and hide behind the weight so you wouldn’t risk getting hurt in a relationship again. Or if you’re running a business and you know you need to be seen but you instead choose to hide behind Facebook, you may be scared of being judged.

The excuses keep us “safe” from risk and judgment.

The excuses are also allowing us to be deceitful. We often say “I can’t”  when “I won’t” is closer to the truth. We’re lying to ourselves when we say, “I’m too busy” or “Maybe later” and we know damn well it’s a lie. Or maybe we don’t know and we’re fabricating reasons to be busy, to not workout, or be taken care of. Either way, it’s lying. And when we lie to ourselves, we lie to others. Making this world one big lie fest.

This has got to stop.

Today, practice the art of courageous honesty. See what excuses you’re hiding behind and be willing to explore (HONESTLY) why.

Practice honestly speaking your truth…at the very least to yourself.