Energy for entrepreneurs

Remember when you had that crazy idea, that something you felt you just had to do? It tugged at your mind and heart until you found a way to do it. Rather you started slow and small or jumped right in, you became an entrepreneur, meeting a need you recognized in this world.

New businesses are a lot like a new baby. They take a lot of energy, attention, and there seems to be the constant underlying fear of “Am I screwing up? What was I thinking? Who am I to be doing this?” The fear and doubt only adds to the exhaustion. It blinds you to your capacity and the possibilities that always exist around you.

Tweet: Where your focus goes, your energy flows. If your focus is spread thin and directed to fear and doubt, your energy is going to reflect that. It’s a lot like when you buy a car and suddenly you see that car everywhere. For abundance to flow, you have to focus on your own strength, balance, and flexibility.

7 simple questions to focus energy

What does security mean to you? Financial security is a huge trigger and yet, many people rarely define for themselves what security looks like. Whatever you identify as financial security, ask yourself “why?” Where did that idea come from? Is it yours or something you adopted from your family or society?

What beliefs keep you from being in flow? This can be anything from “I don’t know enough” to “I’m not worthy.” These are the “fraud” feelings that trip many entrepreneurs from being present with their creativity and ability to feel worthy of making money.

Am I working on self-mastery? Your power comes from you doing the work on getting crystal clear on your basic beliefs and releasing those old sticking points that don’t serve you (or your clients!).

Am I practicing kindness, compassion, and empathy with myself? Or am I trying to control everything out of a fear of not being perfect? Doing your best is one thing. Trying to be perfect is a whole different thing. One is expansive while the other is limiting.

Am I communicating effectively and efficiently? This starts by knowing yourself, what you need and want, setting healthy boundaries, and being willing to take care of your needs and desires rather than expecting others to do that for you.

Do you trust yourself? When you trust yourself, you can make decisions that are grounded. When you second guess yourself, “bad” things happen- you give your power away and make choices that lead to regret.

Do you have faith in your dream? Sometimes you won’t know the “how” of what step to take next. If you have faith in  your dream, you open up to receiving exactly what you need when you need it.

If you find that any of these introspection questions are challenging for you, let’s chat. I work with people to help gain clarity and healing to the sticking points that prevent them from living their greatness and fulfilling their dreams.