Dissolving anger

Night fades into day-
deep shades of blue
dissolving into gray
pink threads appearing
so faint they are hard to detect.
Mostly quiet
the world around me
prepares for a new day
as I sit and reflect
on who I am today.
Push and pull.
Anger is baggage
that slowly creeps up
like an extra few pounds
exponentially increasing
every year.
It creates darkness
even in the light
overcoming beauty and joy
a narrative so selfish
Love has to scream to be heard.
Anger is a choice.
Like the excess weight
I can choose to lose it
and though it takes commitment
I can focus on love and light instead.
I choose to see things differently.
I choose to see this (all of this) as love.
Morning breaks, people wake
Darkness gives into light.
My anger gives a little more into love.