Dig in. Root down.

I went for a walk with my honey down to our island. As we’re standing on it, I look over and see a tree that has rooted over a boulder. I am constantly learning from the trees in my “backyard” and this was clearly an expert teacher. Here’s why.

I believe we choose this life and all the fun opportunities to contract into the finite experience as a form of Godly Play. That’s right, we consciously decide to experience frustration, anger, rage, heartache, and so much more. Now, we don’t remember we’ve chosen it, nor do we remember we have the power to expand out of it most of the time. That’s what makes it so interesting to our soul. To our ego, we often resist these opportunities, even trying to avoid them at all cost.

The tree didn’t resist growing with a boulder in the way; it enveloped that rock into its being, digging in and rooting down around it! (Click to tweet that!)

Now, someone like me looks at the tree and doesn’t judge it as weak, stupid, a victim. Quite the contrary. I looked at that tree and thought, “Damn! That’s awesome!” Yet, how many of us try to hide our “boulders” out of fear of judgement?

That boulder and tree are symbiotic. The boulder gave a support while the roots now hold the boulder in place.

Our soul contracts are often based on challenges, most include ways to remember our essence and our Truth. (Click to tweet that!)

When we are willing to shift perspective, bringing acceptance and gratitude for the opportunities to contract…and expand, we touch Grace within our deepest being. That brings you more into wholeness, affording you radical freedom.

The next time you feel yourself resisting, avoiding, and judging your boulders, I invite you to remember my tree teacher. Take a breath and root down into your deepest knowing to remember, hugs make everything better. Embrace your boulder.


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