Declaration of Independence

I have seen the examples, first hand, and results of the


buried anger,

blame, shame, and guilt,

the sense of unworthiness,

the desperation for others to fill the void of love

where they were unwilling (or unsure of how to)

fill the void themselves.

In my desire to step off that path of lonely existence,

Today I declare my independence from my biography,

stepping into my biology

opening my heart with curiosity and wonder

to the infinite possibilities available to me.

I make this declaration with the full understanding

my energy will flow where my focus goes,

contrast is the great teacher, but is often painful and hard

and for that reason, I must remain diligent

in consciousness of the power of

words, thoughts, and actions (or inaction).

I choose to take responsibility and accountability for my life;

there is no one left to blame for how I feel.

I choose to seek beauty.

I choose joy.

I choose love.

I choose kindness.

I choose to be nice, even when the world around me is angry.

I choose healthy.

I choose to enjoy the five senses I was born with,

and pay more attention to my sixth sense (intuition).

I choose joy.

I choose connection.

I choose mindfulness.

I choose ease.

I choose gratitude.

I choose to speak my Truth audaciously.

I choose to feel excited over anxious.

I choose to harness fear into action.

I choose to be light, feel light, share my light.

These choices come with obligation and commitment

to being the best version of me

to feeling all the feelings, even the contrasting feelings

without aversion or attachments.

This requires faith and trust,

two qualities I choose to strengthen

through diligent daily exercise.

Would you be willing to journey with me

down this unusual path

seen by few, but always by the greatest

and will you remind me, as I will you,

of our declaration if independence?