The deaf dog, the drowned man, and life.

Some friends adopted a deaf dog several years ago. The dog knew sign language- basic stuff like sit, lie, quiet, and GO! He knew expressions, too. Sometimes, he would chose not to “listen” by looking away. How often have you chosen not to hear what someone was saying? There is a great story about an old man who lives in a town that is flooding. The water rises to the first floor and he knows he’s trapped in his home. He starts praying to God to save him. His neighbors row by and shout out. He tells them he’s waiting for God to save him. The water continues to rise and soon he’s sitting on the roof. A helicopter comes and he waves them away, “God will save me!” Soon the water overtakes the house and the man drowns. He gets to the pearly gates and is pissed. God appears and the man demands, “I prayed for you to save me and you let me die!” God laughs, “I sent a boat and a helicopter. What more did you want?” How many times have you turned down something while searching and waiting for something else?

Being a victim has a payoff. You get attention, consideration, closeness, empathy, nurturing, and love. If you identify what is not working in your life and start to make a shift towards what your heart desires, you are going to experience loss. Loss can be painful. You have a choice, be pitied or step the “F” up and be responsible for yourself. Get clear, REAL clear on what you want. The package it arrives in just might not be the package you thought you would get, the content will be identifiable, though. because you are so crystal clear that when you see it you know. Here’s the thing, love, if you aren’t clear, the Law of Attraction can’t work. And if you sit around waiting for whatever it is you are desiring without taking action, you’re going to get a whole lot of nothing. You can moan and groan all day long about how your life sucks and you’ve done everything you know how, at the end of the day if you don’t get honest with yourself, get clear on what you want, and take small action steps toward that desire, you. are. going. to. stay. stuck. Don’t play deaf dog on me here. Don’t be like the drowned old man. HEAR this: step up and take responsibility for your life. No one can do that stuff for you. Nor do they really want to. This is all you. And yes, you can do this. You may choose not to and by all means that is your choice. That is what we call free will. Just know you have so many options and opportunities. Heck, right here, the person who wrote this has tools for you. All ya gotta do is reach out.