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Tim Mask, President of MWB, an advertising agency in Jackson, Mississippi, championed the agency’s #CreateForGood initiative, which reflects the agency’s mission to attract clients that have a positive impact on health, the economy, and quality of life. Mask is the founder of the Fast Forward Mississippi Initiative, a benefit organization focused on reversing Mississippi’s “brain drain,” the outmigration of […]

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Scarlett Lewis is the mother of Jesse and JT Lewis and the founder of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement. The mission of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement is to create a more peaceful world by raising awareness that everyone can choose love in any circumstance; to ensure every child has access to the

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Have you ever taken a look around at your community, city, or state and thought, “Wow, we have a real problem here?” My guests today didn’t just do that, they decided to take action! Tim Mask and Randy Lynn are equity partners at Maris, West & Baker – an advertising firm that focuses on creativity

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Born in the Bronx New York Booker graduated from Delaware State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising. After working as a freelance clothing designer for several urbanwear companies Booker created his own collection of women’s streetwear. Parental obligations became a prority and to provide stability for his son and daughter he

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This is a total experiment and a passion project. It’s called “America Stories” and is inspired by the Langston Hughes poem “Let America Be America” and the 2016 Presidential campaign theme of Donald Trump, “Make America Great Again.” These stories will be done one per month as long as people are enjoying them. So please

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Kristen Kalp is a poet, author, podcaster, and inspiration extraordinaire. She joins me to kick off this new season on bravery. You can find more about Kristen here. Download the show here. Listen: Please share this with a friend, leave a rating or review on itunes, and join me on instagram or facebook.

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    This episode is sponsored by Heart of Money. Learn more here. Class starts January 16.     Addiction. In 2014, 21.5 million people struggled with addiction. I suspect more than that then and even more now. Our guest today is Jeff Finlin. He has battled addiction, winning and losing multiple times. He has

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Upper Limits. They’re like The Universe saying, “Oh yeah? You want that goal? Okay, how about now?” while handing you a big ol’ challenge. But sometimes they can be sneaky and happen when you least expect them! What are upper limits and how to move through them today. Download here Listen here: If you need

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Got big goals, visions, plans for 2017? Ready to break old patterns and really shine? Elisha Halpin joins us to talk about how patterns are more than they seem and how to break free. We talk about: Most challenging personal patterns to break and why. Advice to help them break patterns. Clearing patterns stuck in

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