Alchemy of Yoga: living yoga off the matAlchemy of Yoga: living yoga off the mat

I wrote this short and simple little manifesto because yoga is not just for the young, beautiful, bendy, health-righteous people of this world. It is for all. Yoga teaches us how to be flexible- literally and figuratively. It makes us stronger. On the mat discover the true meaning of balance. Yoga encourages us to surrender our ego and pride. How that all shows up off the mat is often nothing short of miraculous!

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Just Tell Me What to Do: a guide to the true YOU!

“This book was deep, spiritual, and had the right balance of evidenced-based scientific research. The mind, brain, behavior connection is essential to becoming our authentic selves and living a fulfilled and peaceful life. This book chose me and if you are reading this testimonial it is choosing you as well. It will serve as an empowering guide on our life’s journey.”
–Shonté Jovan Taylor, PhD (ABD), Potentialist & Neuroconsultant

What’s The Book About?

“Just Tell Me What To Do!” is the ultimate guidebook for anyone who feels stuck and unsure how to move forward in life. With evidence-based research and spiritual lessons, this book will help shift into the life you’ve always wanted.

The book is divided into two parts:

The first brings clarity to why you think what you think, feel what you feel, and do what you do.

The second part helps you redesign your reality in harmony with your essence and purpose.
Through the processes in the book, learn how to collapse the beliefs and patterns that keeps you stuck.

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