Alchemy of Yoga

yia-bannerThis is my passion.

Yoga is cross-training for life.

Alchemy of Yoga: Living yoga off the mat is a simple road map for anyone longing for more strength, balance, flexibility and… well, more in their daily life.

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 ‘Yoga is alchemy. If you are willing to stick with it, yoga changes you.’ -Wendy Reese

There are many books on yoga which will go deep into the meanings of enlightenment and righteousness. This isn’t one of them.

This book is about using the physical practice (asana) of yoga to sport specifically train for life. It’s about living a life of balance, feeling calmer, peaceful, being connected even in times of adversity or chaos.
The Alchemy of Yoga: Living yoga off the mat will change you in a way you might find surprising.  It will teach you much about yourself and how to engage:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Surrender

in your daily life. It takes you on a deeper exploration of the larger questions yoga always inspires- “who am I?” and “why am I here?”

I’m Wendy Reese. Thank you for stopping by. Please reach out if you have questions or want to share your yoga story!

I wrote this short and simple little manifesto because yoga is not just for the young, beautiful, bendy, health-righteous people of this world. It is for all. Yoga teaches us how to be flexible- literally and figuratively. It makes us stronger. On the mat discover the true meaning of balance. Yoga encourages us to surrender our ego and pride. How that all shows up off the mat is often nothing short of miraculous!

“I have been practicing yoga for several years but I always looked at it as a form of exercise and a way to relax. After reading Wendy Reese’s book “Alchemy of Yoga,” I am able to more fully understand the mind body connection. For example, I have always struggled with my own flexibility and then I read, “Inflexibility transcends the muscles and reflects the rigidity of the mind.” This brought up many questions in me and created a desire to practice more and explore what my body is telling me. This will take you on a journey through Wendy Reese’s practices and how they can influence your own practice and life. I highly recommend this book whether you are just beginning your yoga practice or have been practicing for decades.” -Rachel Weinrich

This is unlike any yoga book I have ever read before. It was a privilege to read. Thank you SO much.” -Stacy Ann Clark

Quotes from the book: