A Cup of Gratitude

This is a super simple mindfulness practice. I particularly appreciate it because I have been to a tea

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My indoor tea garden.

plantation in Assam, India and I grow my own herbs for herbal tea. Having that level of connection to tea isn’t required. You can certainly do this with coffee, too. It doesn’t take a ton of time, either. The best part is that it sets a positive foundation for your day.

Cup of Gratitude Practice.

Set the intention to make the act of preparing your tea (or coffee) a mindfulness practice.

When you fill the kettle with water, appreciate that you are able to turn on the faucet and have clean water at your disposal.

As the water is heating, appreciate that you are likely indoors, comfortable and safe.

While measuring your tea, appreciate the soil and elements that allowed the plants to grow for this tea, the people who tended to and harvested the plants, those who packaged, those who worked through the supply chain to get it to you.

Pour the water over the tea and appreciate the people who worked in the store where you purchased the tea.

Watching the steam rise from the cup, simply breathe and appreciate as the aroma of the tea begins to enter your nose.

With the first sip, appreciate this moment, slightly different from any you’ve had before and any you will have in the future. Tea Meditation Eureka Springs