3 tips to elevate your mood

Contrary to popular culture, you don’t always have to be happy. You also do not always have to be struggling. This week I am sharing three basic things you can do starting right now to elevate your mood. Then I am going to ask you for a favor.

1.  This is so simple that it is ridiculous. Yet, it is miraculous! 

Be willing to feel good and have your life go well now.

See what I mean? The thing is, if you are unwilling then you won’t ever know the depths of your abilities to transcend struggle. You will keep on keeping on attracting people and situations to validate your beliefs of not being good enough or worthy enough. You stay a victim because the familiarity and comfort is a greater payoff than the chance of taking a risk on the unknown of feeling good. When you are willing, you open up a window to the world of possibilities. 

2. Reframe your question. When you ask, “Why can’t I get a break?” you are venting frustration and the Universe is going to prove why you can’t get a break- because you don’t feel like you deserve a break. (Refer to above). When you reframe the question into something more open, you have proof sent to you on an on-going basis. Ask yourself, 

Why am I worthy of receiving so much abundance (love, money, clarity) and how can I best stewart this?

I mean to tell you, when you give the Universe a question like that and you ask it with an open heart, hold on to your seats because something big is coming your way!

3. Now feed the body. You have your mind and the soul chewing on some food for thought. Drink a big glass of water. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. And for the love of all that is lovely in this world, give yourself a 72 hour fast from fast food, processed food, and artificial sweeteners. You will be a-maz-ed at how much those effect (negatively) your mood! Beisdes, you’re probably not feeding your body with that stuff anyway! Your body is here to serve as a vehicle and home for your soul. The better you treat it, the farther you go. Vrooom! Let’s treat it like the fine machine it is rather than a 1977 rusted, multi-colored Gremlin. Please?


Now, about that favor. TAKE ACTION! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think, how these worked for you, and what doubts/inspirations you have around them. I look forward to reading them.